Portrait of Dante

Portrait of Dante, by Sandro Botticelli

Italy’s greatest poet, Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) was foremost a student and scholar of classical and modern thought. From Aristotelian logic, to Roman philosophy and literature, to the works of Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas, Dante sought to intertwine philosophy and theology within his poetry, rendering accessible to his readers perspectives from the Western world’s greatest minds on humanity’s fundamental questions: Why are we here? How should we live? What happens after we die?

Dante’s quest for divine knowledge continues to resonate today, almost 700 years after his death, in current scholarship, arts, and contemporary popular culture.

In honor of Dante’s search for divine love, Incanto offers a private dining area dedicated to Dante Alighieri and his lost love, Beatrice Portinari. The Dante Room seats a maximum of 20 people at two adjacent tables or up to 17 persons at one long table. The interior of the room is finished in warm colors with mahogany, an antique brick barrel-vaulted ceiling, and a hand-hammered iron chandelier. The complete text of The Divine Comedy, Dante’s epic poem in three parts about his journey through the afterlife, hangs in a custom frame crafted by local woodworker David Howarth, flanked by busts of Dante and Beatrice. A dramatic Divine Comedy mural composed by gifted Bay Area muralist Tom Mogensen presides over the room, presenting a DorĂ©-, Blake-, and Botticelli-inspired take on Dante’s timeless masterpiece.

We offer a range of private dining experiences in the Dante Room, including the option of Whole Pig dining, carved tableside for the entire group to enjoy. Find out more about booking the Dante Room for a private event.