Our Approach

Meals at Incanto begin with complimentary sparkling or still water because our local Hetch Hetchy water tastes great (we filter, chill and carbonate it before serving) and because serving our local water in reusable carafes makes more sense for the environment than manufacturing thousands of single-use glass bottles for someone to use once and throw away.

We take great pride in serving sustainably grown and harvested produce, meats and seafood at Incanto, because we aspire to leave the world better off for future generations and because food tastes better when its ingredients are the product of thoughtful stewardship. We are proud to support our local farmers, Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture, Certified Humane, Chef’s Collaborative, Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform, Om Organics, Seeds of Change, and the San Francisco Conservation Corps.

Because it helps our guests remember the names of the more obscure wines we serve, we slip a paper tag around the stem of all wines that we serve by the glass, stating the name of the wine, its producer and the vintage. We also offer a “mystery flight” of three half-glasses of wine of our choosing, because it offers an easy way for adventuresome diners to experience something they might not otherwise select.

Our menu, which changes daily, almost always includes one or two dishes featuring “odd cuts” and offal because serving these parts of the animal honors the whole animal and helps preserve an important, yet increasingly overlooked, part of our culinary heritage.

We grow as many of our own cooking herbs as possible on our rooftop garden because it connects us to the food cycle, keeps us focused on sustainability, and because freshly cut herbs taste great.

We serve our wines in top-quality stemware from Riedel and Spiegelau, even though these glasses cost approximately 400% more than average restaurant stemware, because wine tastes better drunk from a proper wine glass.

Because we care about our planet and our environment, we are obsessive about saving and re-using whatever we can, returning boxes, plastic bags, and even twist ties to the farmers from whom we buy produce.

Incanto is one of a small number of U.S. restaurants that includes a partial service charge (5% of the total bill) on each diner’s check because we are concerned about the widening wage inequities that exist between tipped employees and non-tipped employees in San Francisco’s restaurants. Although our talented, hard-working waiters and bussers deservedly receive much of the recognition and financial reward for serving your dinner, our equally diligent cooks and dishwashers also provide a critical part of your service. We use the funds from this service charge to offer comprehensive medical benefits to all our full-time employees and to share part of the rewards from each night’s work with non-tipped kitchen employees.

Incanto exists because we wish to share our passion for dining well with our local community. We believe that companionship at the table and respect for the art of dining bring out our best qualities as people. We sincerely hope you will visit Incanto and share a dining experience with us.