Mark Pastore

Born and raised in rural New England across the street from a small dairy farm, Mark developed an early appreciation for food and hospitality through the frequent dinner parties that his parents held in their 1840s-era house.

Mark arrived in the Bay Area in 1985 and soon became involved with the high-tech industry, working at companies such as Sun Microsystems and Tumbleweed Communications. Through bi-annual visits to Italy and constant poring over Italian cookbooks, a passion grew for Italian food and wine. Eventually, it was strong enough to give birth to Incanto.

Mark, his wife Nonna, and their two children can be found most Sundays doing the week’s shopping at their local farmers’ market. Mark is a fan of Archie Goodwin and believes that all major league baseball players ought to know how to lay down a decent bunt.

Chris Cosentino

Chris Cosentino’s passion for Italian food began while growing up in an Italian-American community in Rhode Island. Chris is a 1992 graduate of Johnson & Wales University and veteran of top-notch restaurant kitchens including Red Sage in Washington, D.C. and Rubicon, Chez Panisse, Belon, & Redwood Park in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to joining Incanto in 2002, Chef Cosentino served as a consulting chef for the Aqua Restaurant Group in San Francisco and Las Vegas and the Kimpton Group in San Francisco and Aspen.

Chris has developed close relationships with local farmers through his dedicated involvement with the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market and other Bay Area farmer’s markets. A part-time professional bicyclist, Chris enjoys spending time away from the kitchen participating in 24-hour endurance races on his single-gear mountain bike. You can learn more about Chris and his passion for cooking at Chris’ website,