Posted in Letters, Odds & Ends on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 by Mark Pastore

Times change, lives change. After careful thought, we have decided that now is the time to turn the page on the Incanto chapter of our lives and begin an exciting new chapter. Incanto will host its final dinner service on Monday March 24, 2014.  Later in the spring, the location now known as Incanto will re-open as Porcellino (more on that below).

Incanto has had an immensely rewarding and memorable twelve-year run – one that actually began fourteen years ago, when I decided to take a leap of faith and try my hand running one of the most dynamic types of businesses out there: a restaurant. Perfection is elusive in any business; my lack of prior experience in restaurants assured that Incanto would not be born perfect.  Incanto has made its mark nonetheless.  Looking back, our greatest sense of accomplishment is that Incanto has been a restaurant that has always stayed true to its own point of view, no matter where it led us.

It has, in fact, led us to many wonderful (sometimes wonderfully strange!) places over the years, made special because you – our guests – and so many extraordinary colleagues have chosen to make the journey with us. We are filled with memories of occasions great and small: of birthdays, baptisms, anniversaries and memorials celebrated here, of the couples who met or had their first date at Incanto, of blowout parties in the Dante Room and propitious meetings in the wine bar.  We shall remember with great pride every Head to Tail dinner, along with the Feasts of the Seven Fishes, Mattanza dinners, farm dinners, and countless winemaker dinners along the way.

Most of all, our fondest memories are everyday memories of you. Of friendships formed, experiences shared, and the overwhelming kindness and generosity you’ve shown to all of us who’ve labored over Incanto. Your friendship has infinitely enriched our lives. Without a doubt, you have been the single most inspiring part of our journey.

San Francisco is an ever-evolving place.  Porcellino (“piglet” in Italian) is aimed first and foremost at serving the day-to-day needs and wants of San Franciscans, most specifically those of our Noe Valley community.  Porcellino will combine some of the most beloved parts of Incanto and Boccalone into a casual neighborhood osteria and market. You’ll be able to drop by Porcellino for a Boccalone salumi platter, a lunchtime sandwich, or a salad and bowl of pasta for dinner. Accommodating lives on the go, Porcellino will offer a robust selection of takeout options.  And for home cooks, Porcellino will have a small but scrupulously chosen retail market where you’ll find the complete range of Boccalone products, along with Incanto’s famed pork ragu, high-quality pastas, olive oils and specialty foods, as well as well-made, reasonably-priced Italian wines

To those who have been Incanto’s most ardent supporters, please accept a sincere and heartfelt thanks for all you’ve done to make this journey possible. Chris and I are so grateful to have you as a part of our lives. Porcellino will doubtless bring new challenges and many exciting opportunities, we hope you’ll be a part of it too.  Please stay subscribed to this mailing list to receive word on Porcellino’s official opening date later this spring, or bookmark our new website at porcellinosf.com, where the opening news will be posted as well.

Best regards,

Mark and Chris